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Asking the Right Questions When Buying a New HVAC System

Don't know what questions to ask

Fall and winter are on the way, and your HVAC system barely got through last year. You’re certain your family is not going to be able to get through this winter’s coldest days with your current system.

Now’s the time to start comparing HVAC companies and finding the right company for your family, but you’re dreading the whole process. How does one find a trustworthy vendor with fair pricing and great service? Is checking online reviews and asking neighbors for recommendations enough? Not really. Pinpointing the right vendor boils down to asking the right questions, especially when buying a new HVAC system.

Top 10 Questions to Ask When Investing in a New HVAC System

  • What type of HVAC systems do you offer that would be a solution for our family’s lifestyle and budget? Are there good, better, or best options at varying price points?
  • How do the various systems compare in safety and energy efficiency ratings? How are the ratings measured?
  • How noisy are the various systems?
  • Do you provide detailed written estimates?
  • How are rebates and warranties handled? Do you handle all of the paperwork for the client?
  • Do you test your client’s air ducts for leakage?
  • Do you give homeowners a tutorial on how to operate the new system once installed?
  • What does your annual preventative maintenance program cost, and what is included?
  • Do you have client reviews, proof of license, and insurance?
  • What would the timeline for our new HVAC system install look like?

Remember, a reputable company asks questions specific to your situation and family’s needs, listens, listens some more, as well as, looks and acts the part of a professional HVAC company. A new system is a big investment. Your family deserves a trusted professional like Drake Heating & Air.

For more insights on knowing how to tell if a local HVAC company is worth its salt, hop over to last month’s featured blog for additional ways to gauge a reputable company.

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