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Huddle Up, Get Your House Game Ready for Fall

Fall Football season with the family

Summer is fading. Chilly mornings, football season, and the vibrant colors of autumn are on their way. Do you find yourself thinking bonfires, hoodies, tailgates, and chili? Us too. While you ponder the best game-day snacks, make sure to give a nod to readying your home for fall and prepping your HVAC system to be…

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How to Tell if an HVAC Company is Worth its Salt

Repairing A/C

You need a new furnace and air conditioner. Uhghhhhh. There’s not a doubt in the world you do. How do you know? When you turn on either the heat or A/C, nothing…no fan, no hot, no cold. It’s a sure thing. It’s dead. And, five HVAC companies have told you so. So now, you have…

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Don’t Expect Your Dog to Adjust Your Thermostat

Dog Thermostat

The dog days of summer are still upon us, and August weather can fluctuate greatly with the chance of intensely hot days still in the forecast. While you’re chilling by a pool, don’t forget about your pets. They have special needs during such intense weather, and following these five tips can help keep your pets…

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What’s in an HVAC Truck? Remember the old TV show MacGyver (circa 1985-1992)? Or maybe you watch the newer MacGyver series on CBS. MacGyver can fix a car or a computer with a hairpin or duct tape, build a telescope from a magnifying glass, watch crystal and a newspaper. He can even create a radiator…

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8 Ways to Beautify Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

Winter’s rolled out and spring sunshine has you outside enjoying the fresh air. As you look at your yard, you spot your outdoor condenser unit in all of its “metal beauty.” Here are some great DIY options for blending your unit in with or behind your landscaping…
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How Spring Weather Affects Your System

Springtime in Ohio brings renewed life with flowers popping up, grass beginning to green, and birds chirping in the trees. But, all of this new life is spurred by rain which is often accompanied by storms that can cause damage to your heating and cooling system. You can protect your system by…
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