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Don’t Expect Your Dog to Adjust Your Thermostat

Dog Thermostat

The dog days of summer are still upon us, and August weather can fluctuate greatly with the chance of intensely hot days still in the forecast. While you’re chilling by a pool, don’t forget about your pets. They have special needs during such intense weather, and following these five tips can help keep your pets cool, safe and healthy throughout the summer.


Keeping your pets hydrated is the most important factor. A good way to make sure your pets get enough water is to offer them some every time you feel thirsty. This is especially important if you are outside taking a walk or spending a day at the park or the beach. Bring along a bowl that you can fill up for your pet. When you take a drink, let them take a drink.

While at home, set an alarm on your phone or a timer to check the water level in their bowls. It’s likely that in the heat, they’ll empty their water bowl more quickly than in the winter months. You’ll need to be extra vigilant to maintain water within their reach to be available whenever they need it.

If you’re by a hose, a pool or a lake, let your pet get into the water if that’s something they enjoy. It’s a quick, fun way to cool them off.


Don’t underestimate the impact of a shady spot. After playing in the sun at the park or at the beach, pets need some shelter from the sun. Find a tree or a building to spend about 15 minutes cooling off in the shade.

Take Care of Their Paws

As shoe-wearing people, we don’t often think about how hot the ground gets after being baked in the sun all afternoon. But, it can be a serious consideration for our shoeless, four-legged friends. Have you ever taken off your flip-flops on a sandy beach in the late afternoon and had the bottoms of your feet scorched a bit? It can be just that painful for pets walking on asphalt roads or sidewalks and driveways.

Test the ground with your thumb. If it feels uncomfortably hot, it can be too hot for your pet to walk on. If it’s a driveway or sidewalk near your home, spray down your driveway with water for your pets to walk on. Otherwise, walk on the grass instead. You can even buy protective booties for your dogs if it’s unavoidable for them to walk on hot pavement.

Groom Your Pets

If your pet has long hair, consider getting it trimmed. This keeps the animal’s body heat from getting trapped around the body, cooling your pet’s body temperature.

Avoid Muzzles

Finally, don’t use muzzles on dogs because it prevents them from panting. Panting is a dog’s way of regulating their body temperature, so it’s an important part of a dog’s health in the summer. If you are worried about your dog biting someone, find more secluded areas to walk your dog so that it’s safe to go without a muzzle.

Following these simple precautions can make a big difference to your pet’s wellbeing this summer. Each of these takes only a few seconds to accomplish, and your pet will thank you for it!

Need help staying cool this summer? Drake Heating and Air provides reliable air conditioning services to residents and their furry, feathered or scaled companions throughout Dayton. Call us at (937) 472-0640 or schedule an appointment online.

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