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HVAC 101: What’s That Noise?

Are the unknown noises in your home causing you stress? Not sure what they are? We’ve got the guide to help you self-diagnose some of the most common HVAC related noises you may be hearing in your home, and help you figure out how soon you need to call in the experts.


A squealing sound after first starting you HVAC system is often an indication that something is wrong with your blower motor or belt. Belts are a relatively inexpensive repair, but should be replaced before they break, otherwise your blower will no longer run. Lubricating the belt and bearing usually will help reduce squealing.


Rattling is a strong indication that something has come loose in your system. This issue should be fixed quickly before any damage is caused to the part or it disconnects completely. It could also mean the blower is out of alignment.


Clicking should happen when your system turns on or off. That’s normal. Repeated clicking however, could be a sign of a defective relay.


While the sound of air rushing through vents is common place, vents hissing is not. Hissing is a sign that your ductwork isn’t properly sealed or there is a coolant leak. If coolant lines are leaking, you should get an HVAC specialist in as soon as possible.


If your unit is rumbling, chances are that there is a problem with your burner. Specifically, the burners are dirty. As your HVAC churns out heat, soot and dirt will build up on your burners. The buildup restricts airflow and causes the rumbling.


A buzzing sound coming from your air conditioner or heat pump points the finger at excessive vibration. Check connecting parts of your unit and tighten any loose parts. If it’s still buzzing, another source could be your unit’s motor, it’s usually a symptom that your motor is nearing the end of its life.


If you hear popping sounds when you turn your system on and off this is due to your ductwork expanding and isn’t detrimental to your system.

Keeping your air conditioning and heating unit working properly is vital to maintaining the overall comfort of your home. In the event that your HVAC system has a problem, our team of experienced technicians will work diligently to repair your unit. Providing you with the highest quality care and upfront pricing.

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