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What’s in an HVAC Truck?

Remember the old TV show MacGyver (circa 1985-1992)? Or maybe you watch the newer MacGyver series on CBS. MacGyver can fix a car or a computer with a hairpin or duct tape, build a telescope from a magnifying glass, watch crystal and a newspaper. He can even create a radiator sealant with egg whites.

Many HVAC techs were, indeed, “MacGyvers” before they became HVAC pros. The difference is they are trained to do one thing and do it perfectly…fix and/or install heating and cooling systems for homes. And they are provided every tool, piece of equipment, accessory and more to do the job.

Where are all of those tools and parts and pieces? In the HVAC pro’s van. Usually colorfully-wrapped with the HVAC company’s logo, services, phone numbers and many times a clever character. But don’t let that fool you.

That van is a complete warehouse, outfitted like no other truck or van you’ll see. It has to be. So, what’s in an HVAC truck? In addition to your furnace and air conditioner (if it’s an install)…ladders, nuts and bolts, piping, screwdrivers, hammers, wire and pipe cutters, pliers, drills, clamps, gauges, sensors, connectors, glue, fittings, rags, soap and water, degreasers, disposable shoe covers and coveralls, filters…every tool you could possibly think of. And oh yeah, it probably has coffee, sodas, an iPad, brochures, spec sheets, gum, lunch box, mobile phone, and more.

So, when your HVAC pro shows up, he’s riding in a perfectly-outfitted, mobile workshop/ warehouse. Why? Because if not equipped for any needed “fix,” he’ll be forced to leave and return. NOT ACCEPTABLE! Your time is valuable, and he and the HVAC company know that. But so is their time. If they have to come back, it costs them money as well!

HVAC companies worthy of their names and position in the industry should NEVER risk sending a tech with an ill-equipped truck. Besides the risk of not having what the tech may need aboard the truck, it’s a sign that the HVAC company is not organized and may not be doing well.

If you live in the Dayton area and you like free tours, have a Drake HVAC tech show your kids the inside of his truck. Maybe you’re a little curious as well. Heck, it might give you and/or your spouse an idea of how to organize your garage or workshop. And it’s FREE!

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