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Keep your Furry Friends Safe this Winter

It’s getting a little chilly here in Ohio. Okay, let’s bereal, it’s very chilly. And when the lower temperature come out, so do ourspace heaters and heating blankets. There are many tools available that helpkeep us cozy in our comfy chair without having to heat up the whole house.However, pet owners need to be cautious with their furry friends’. Here aresome tips to keep your pet comfy and safe this winter.

Be mindful of extreme temperatures: Pets are just as susceptibleto heat and cold. With the cold days and nights, be cautious when drasticallyreducing your heat and leaving the house. Dogs and cats can adjust to temperatures,but sudden drops can affect their health.

Refer to a veterinarian for the best temperatures for snakesand reptiles.

Use vent covers: Animals can find their ways into smallspaces. They are not aware of the dangers of your home’s heating system. Thesize of your vents can be large enough for curious furry companions to enterand get stuck.  Vent covers will prevententry and other possible accidents happening.

If you do not have covers for your equipment, contact an HVAC providerto have them installed.

Pet Friendly Heaters: Before purchasing an electric heater,make sure it has this pet-friendly feature of being cool to the touch. Someheaters have exposed heating elements which leads to many potential dangers. Ceramicheaters that have built-in safety and touchable surfaces are a petfriendly choice.

Speak to a professional: Veterinarians and technicians canprovide more tips and tricks on how to ensure your pets safety this winter.

If you want advice on how to improve your safety and heatingsystem, contact Draketoday to speak with an expert technician.